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What I’m working on right now

The Legend of Eugene

Young Adult Fantasy | #TheLegendOfEugene #AprilMackWIP

He’s their Chosen One, but it wasn’t his choice.

After being snatched to an alternate world and forced to become their hero, all Eugene Tanaka wants is to be a normal teen again. He made it home and thought it was over. Turns out his actions as hero had unintended but serious consequences. Will he go back to save the people he resents from his mistakes? If he does, this could be his chance to cut the link between their worlds and spare future “chosen ones.” But then he may not see home again.

Book Progress

✅ Developing concept
✅ Outlining
🔲 Revising
🔲 Submitting to beta readers
🔲 Post-beta revising
🔲 Copyediting
🔲 Querying

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Powell peered around the corner, gun at the ready. Ah, there she was. At least, that was probably her.

He slunk towards Jones, careful not to be spotted by any guards. She sensed his approach and made eye contact.

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Sal’s grandmother was always sweet and kind, offering endless cups of tea and cookies—the quintessential grandmother in an old, formal house. But Sal never felt comfortable. In spite of nothing being out of place, something felt off.

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Me: I wanna read.

TBR pile: Ooo! I've got fantasy, romance, YA…

Me: Maybe I'll scroll Amazon a bit.

TBR: Oh. Okay. To look up reviews for these?

Me: THESE look good!

TBR: But you don't have those.

Me: Submit order! Shoot, now I'm out of time to read.

TBR: *eye twitching*

The new girl was upsetting the delicate balance Kylie had spent three years building at school. The one with her on top.

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YA should be targeted at older teens and people in their early 20s.

A 13/14 year old is not the same as a 17/18 year old. Plus when I think of a ‘Young Adult’ I picture someone who is between the ages of 17 and 22. Not a young teenager.

We need a new ‘teen’ category


what book opinion will get you in this situation?

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How do you find time for #writing? I save this old trick from the #mom handbook for when I’m desperate because it always works. 😁 #writer #problems

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