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The Legend of Eugene

Young Adult Fantasy | #TheLegendOfEugene #AprilMackWIP

Four years ago Eugene Tanaka discovered he descended from a long line of “chosen ones” when he was ripped from our world and summoned to another full of magic. He was forced to become their hero and battle monsters, and learned this was why his father had disappeared when he was a child. His father had died at the hands of these beasts.

Eugene survived, but when they no longer needed him, the people of that world dumped him back into this one as if none of it had ever happened. Ever since he’s been struggling with PTSD and phantom pains from battle wounds his body no longer carries. All he wants is to be an ordinary teenager again and to forget everything about that other world.

But just as he’s finding his new normal, a girl with magic in her veins comes looking for him. Choices he made while in her world had unintended consequences, allowing magic to run wild and poison her people.

Will he refuse to save the world he resents or will he follow her back to rescue them from his mistakes? If he goes, this could be his chance to finally cut all ties between his family and their world… but he may not survive long enough to see home again.

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