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The Princess of Omen

Young Adult Fantasy | #ThePrincessOfOmen #AprilMackWIP

The world of Shinkoku was cyclical for hundreds of years—a monster awoke to devour magic, a champion was summoned from Earth to defeat it, and the princess sealed it away until its reawakening decades later. In a royal lineage of sons, the rare birth of a daughter always triggered the cycle. But the last champion not only defeated the monster, he destroyed its power source. Their world finally flourished in the abundance of magic.

Then Princess Cho was born.

Her whole life she’s tried to be good to prove she’s not a bad omen. But when a mysterious illness spreads and the king dies, everyone blames her. Cho wants to help but without a monster involved her spells have no effect. She’s pushed aside as others attempt to subdue the magical plague before their people go extinct.

Being good isn’t good enough anymore; she needs results. She needs the champion who broke the system to fix this.

She steals an ancient artifact to bridge time and space to fetch him herself. Instead of the valiant hero she expects, she finds Eugene, a teen with so much resentment and PTSD from his last journey that he considers her his enemy.

Cho begins to question everything she’s been taught about her history, her magic, and even herself. For the first time she must make her own choices instead of submitting to what’s expected of her, and in doing so change the path of their future.

Current Progress: Outlining

The Legend of Eugene

Young Adult Fantasy | #TheLegendOfEugene #AprilMackWIP | Prequel to The Princess of Omen

It’s Eugene Tanaka’s freshman year of high school and he’s grateful to be lost in a sea of new faces. After years of rumors pestering him and his mom about his dad’s mysterious disappearance, now he can start over in a place where no one knows that his dad up and left them.

But his mom believes he didn’t walk out—he’s missing and they shouldn’t give up searching for him. Why can’t she accept Dad wasn’t who they thought he was and that he abandoned them for good?

After a huge fight with his mom, Eugene is sulking at school when he hears a door knocking that no one else seems to notice. Opening it sends him tumbling into a world of magic, where they claim he’s next in a long line of Champions who save their world from monsters.

If this is what happened to his dad, then Eugene must survive the monsters, find his father, and make their way back before it’s too late to go home. It’ll be all his fault if his mom comes to believe they’ve both abandoned her.

Current Progress: Developing Concept

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