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September 2019

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
  • A lot has changed since July! I found myself using any excuse to avoid blogging about minimalism, and I decided that needed to be addressed. After much prayerful consideration, I realized it was something I thought I OUGHT be doing rather than what I wanted to be doing. What I really love—have always loved—and sincerely want to pursue professionally is writing novels. I had relegated novel writing as a side “passion project” with blogging about minimalism as my career focus, but I realized I had them backwards. I’ve since revamped this site to reflect my true goals. Social media soon to follow!
  • I read The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Though it wasn’t a main factor in my writing shift, it definitely played a part. It gave me language for why I was resisting what I was “supposed to be” writing. I enjoyed this book and took lots of notes, but afterwards I realized I’m a little tired of nonfiction. It’s all I’ve read for months. I need to read some fiction again. Off I go to the library!
  • During the summer my brother and his family moved to a suburb 30 minutes away, so they are no longer our next-door neighbors. And now that the school year has started, logistically it just doesn’t make sense for me to nanny my nieces anymore. I’m back to caring for only my own two kids instead of the combined four, and I can really feel the difference! Having more margin has improved my ability to write.
  • Finally, the other big change is that I’ve joined TikTok. Doesn’t seem like it’d be a big deal, except that ohmygoodness I’ve become addicted! I need to be careful that it doesn’t steal away my writing time. I’m having so much fun on it though. You can find me there as @AprilMackWrites