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What I’m working on right now

The Princess of Omen

Young Adult Fantasy | #ThePrincessOfOmen #AprilMackWIP

She’s their princess, but she’ll make her own fate.

Princess Cho must recruit a resentful former hero to aid her in reversing a magical plague to prove she isn’t the cause and to save her kingdom from extinction.

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Book Progress

✅ Developing concept
✅ Outlining
🔲 Drafting
🔲 Revising
🔲 Submitting to beta readers
🔲 Post-beta revising
🔲 Copyediting
🔲 Querying

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What I’m posting to Instagram right now

What I’m posting to Twitter right now

When you guess how to spell a word as you're typing and the red squiggle doesn't show up, and you're like, "Where's the squiggle???" So you Google the word and you guessed correctly, so there's 30 seconds of your life wasted because you don't trust yourself, or Word.

God grant me the serenity to close all the tabs I'm never going to read
The courage to read the open tabs that really ought to be read
And the wisdom to know the difference

Hey comrades, can I just remind you, in case you've forgotten, that writing a book, a whole book, is a fucking amazing achievement. Even if it never gets published.

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What I’m posting to TikTok right now

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How do you find time for #writing? I save this old trick from the #mom handbook for when I’m desperate because it always works. 😁 #writer #problems

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