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What I’m working on right now

The Legend of Eugene

Young Adult Fantasy | #TheLegendOfEugene

Eugene Tanaka wants nothing more than to be an ordinary teenager. He used to be one, before he was involuntarily summoned to another world, forced to become their hero and battle monsters, and then dumped back into this world as if none of it had ever happened. He’s struggling with PTSD, reverse culture shock, and phantom pains from battle wounds his body no longer carries. Just when he’s finding his new normal, a girl from that world comes looking for him. His past actions had unintended consequences, leaving her people on the brink of extinction. Will he refuse to save the world he resents or will he follow her back to rescue them from his mistakes? If he goes, he may not make it home again.

Book Progress

✅ Developing concept
✅ Outlining
🔲 Revising
🔲 Submitting to beta readers
🔲 Post-beta revising
🔲 Copyediting
🔲 Querying

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What I’m posting to Instagram right now

What I’m posting to Twitter right now

I used to say glitter was the herpes of the craft world, but I think it’s safe to say glitter is actually the COVID-19 of the craft world.

i'm contributing some excerpts from THE BURNING GOD for this! go check it out–free short stories by a ton of your favorite authors for as long as we're in isolation 🙂

Y'know how people are saying we're all being quarantined like Rapunzel? That may not be far off from the truth. 😂😂😂

"Do you want to go out sometime?"
"On a date?"
"With you?"
"A fancy date?"
"On a fancy, romantic date with you?"
"You wish to take me on a fancy, romantic, unforgettable date?"
"You can just say no."
"I'm not saying no. We're negotiating. Keep up."

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How do you find time for #writing? I save this old trick from the #mom handbook for when I’m desperate because it always works. 😁 #writer #problems

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